T his salon is a beginners guide into Nature, Alchemy
and finding your inner magic through Astrology although
the genre and depth here may change over time.
Sometimes when you are having ailments, feeling ill of health either mentally or physically, the resolution could be as simple as bringing the true elements of nature to you to re-align what seems to be either out of focus or imbalanced in your life.
You can find many things attainable through nature to assist you on a relaxing, negativity clearing or energy path.
Peace takes place from the inside out. If you wish to change or manifest something, be sure you are using pure substances from nature, not anything that has been altered or modified when you are eating or working on projects that require the mental energy used in manifesting.
As you start your journey through nature, it does not have to take a lot of time, just some short-term concentration and remaining in the moment.
If you can only light a candle or admire an aroma for two minutes do so, while remaining deeply focused in the moment of your activity while you listen to your inner messages coming up from within. You may or may not like those messages, but honor them and continue your activity. You can receive many messages from within if you begin to allow yourself to do so.
Many of us do not have the opportunity to be within nature so bring the elements into you but please give back to our Earth whenever and with whomever you can. Give and receive with love being your main intention. Plant a seed as they are the stars here on our Earth as are we. Feed an animal, pick up debris you find on your daily journeys, take a long walk -it feels good! Spread positive loving vibes! Some of the magical items from nature we have used since the beginning of time may no longer be available due to change. Again, please give back to the Mother whenever possible, even if it can only be through your intent. Some days it is not that easy to remain in the moment or have balance due to external stressors (outer occurrences) creating an imbalance to our internal health. The times are changing before our eyes. It is in our power to make the shift into the new reality we will all be finding ourselves in, enmeshed among many different facets and new perspectives to approach and contemplate on. The body and the mind will have to stay or become strong as many new stimuli and experiences are entering into our field here on the physical plane where we reside.
By developing an awareness toward the natural elements, this could be a step toward manifestation in these new times.
The stars in the sky at your time of birth along with the esoteric rays and other bodies can be a key to open up locked doors and guide your spirit to places you may have never been before, not necessarily in the physical sense, (although not entirely impossible) but from deep within.
Astrology to me is a part of nature and can be used as a tool to attune you to your phases of growth and happiness and develop an insight into periods where you may experience obstacles or stagnation within the personality.
It can be an art to show turning points on your life path here in this lifetime.
You most likely have a mental picture of who you are in your mind, or what it is you would like to become.
Do you have a picture of your inner spirit or soul?
Picture looking through a window into a lighted candle...
It could be your mind looking into your soul, attuning you to your own inner energies you have come in with in this lifetime.
Using Astrology in combination with nature can be an illuminating pathway into discovering some answers to life's questions.
I believe Magic, Spirit and Nature are entwined. Soon you could find the elements can always surround you to obtain peace, love and harmony. All that it requires is for you to open up your senses and nourish your soul.
I hope you enjoy reading around this site, and maybe it will open doors to set you on your own personal exploration and spiritual journey. Here is a foundation to guide you into developing your own personal path toward an alignment with nature. May Spirit and Nature's gifts provide assistance to you on your journey.

Honor the past and leave it behind

stay in the moment begin to unwind

Release what you want and begin to view

those intentions when the Moon is new.

- Mary.D@waningmoonastrology.net



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